June 11, 2019

Marvelous window backdrop and a classic loft warehouse-look make the Ravenswood Event Center an incredible place to do rehearsal sessions and model shoots. We are fortunate enough to have the atrium just two floors away from the studio. We can rent the space hourly for our photo shoots.

Months ago, we did a model shoot with Dani in this exceptional location. Dani is an amazing dancer. She wore one of the wedding gowns available in our studio for bridal sessions. The combination of the white dress and the natural lighting in the atrium provided a warm look for our photos. Dani looked absolutely gorgeous.

Soohyun and Saehee

Dani posing to show the intricate design of the gown Close up of Dani A medium shot of Dani against the window backdrop An enchanting shot showing the vast windows of the atrium An enchanting shot showing the vast windows of the atrium Wide shot of Dani exhibiting the contrast of the gown with the background Dani showing off the veil of the bridal gown

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4043 N Ravenswood ave. ste 115, chicago il 60613