We love when we get the opportunity to combine photo shoots with family trips, which is exactly what we did when we visited Toronto a few weeks ago. We spent time seeing the sights with close family friends that we were staying with and also scheduled an engagement photoshoot around the city with Leslie and […]

Leslie and Rob Engagement

Rehearsal photo sessions don’t just give the bride and groom a chance to capture photos that they don’t have time to take on their wedding day; they also create a space for engaged couples to slow down and share special moments with each other. One of our main goals during these bridal sessions is to […]

Linda and Woojong Wedding Studio Session

Photographing outside can be a photographer’s dream or nightmare depending on the weather and light. Being outside means lots of natural light and beautiful, natural scenery or impressive city backdrops, but it can also mean harsh shadows or rain if the weather is bad or the sun is too high in the sky. We had […]

Logan Square Anniversary

Jeongwon & Jiwoong’s engagement photo session was one of Studio Soo’s more memorable sessions. Their photoshoot would be one of the last at our current studio in Arlington Heigths, before we relocate this coming June. Though this studio holds many memories, we are so happy that we were able to end our time here with […]

Chicago Korean Engagement Photography

Congratulations and blessings to Jordan and Happiness Campo! This was my very first time photographing a traditional Nigerian engagement ceremony. There were many new, interesting, and meaningful moments throughout the ceremony. Jordan and Happy’s engagement reminded me of my wife Saehee and I, and the time when we made our own promises of devotion to […]

Chicago Nigerian Traditional Engagement Photography

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