The Chicago History Museum was an amazing wedding venue! The building itself was absolutely majestic, and there were so many unique spaces to capture beautiful images. It was especially perfect for a couple as fun-loving and genuine as Linda and Woojong. There were so many personal touches that made this stately venue feel homey, from […]

Linda and Woojong Wedding

We love photographing small weddings because they are beautifully intimate and there are so many opportunities for capturing little moments. Eileen and Huhn Yong’s ceremony at the Korean Catholic Church in Chicago was no exception. This wedding was a small family event, with family flying in from South Korea and Canada. Their sibling helped us […]

Eileen and Huhn Yong Wedding

Rehearsal photo sessions don’t just give the bride and groom a chance to capture photos that they don’t have time to take on their wedding day; they also create a space for engaged couples to slow down and share special moments with each other. One of our main goals during these bridal sessions is to […]

Linda and Woojong Wedding Studio Session

Korean wedding traditions differ from American weddings in many ways, but one of the biggest is the pre-wedding “rehearsal” photos that couples take. Weeks or months before a couple gets married, they visit a Korean photo studio for a photoshoot that takes up to 8 hours. Couples typically rent between three and six different outfits […]

Yeom and Ha Yong Rehearsal Session

Yunji and Dongyon were a lovely couple to work with, and hold a special place for us since they booked us right after we launched our wedding website! The rustic flowers and warm, wooden decorations from OhHappyDay gave a lovely natural feeling to their wedding, which made the event a true joy to shoot. Guests […]

Northfield Presbyterian Church of Wheeling Wedding

Photographing outside can be a photographer’s dream or nightmare depending on the weather and light. Being outside means lots of natural light and beautiful, natural scenery or impressive city backdrops, but it can also mean harsh shadows or rain if the weather is bad or the sun is too high in the sky. We had […]

Logan Square Anniversary

The Indiana Dunes State Park was an absolutely stunning place for a wedding photoshoot! Typically when I think sand dunes and beach weddings, I think South Carolina or Florida, but the shores of Lake Michigan in Indiana created the perfect, romantic backdrop for Brittany and Justice’s wedding session. The dreamy lace and flowing train on […]

Indiana Dunes Wedding Photography

The day after their amazing traditional Nigerian engagement ceremony, Jordan and Happy Campo had another beautiful wedding ceremony. Saehee and I prayed that God would give the young bride and groom strength get through the two days of long ceremonies. Until the very last moment of the wedding, the bride and groom were filled with […]

Deeper Life Bible Church in Chicago Wedding

My wife Saehee and I moved to Chicago from Seoul in 2012. Since arriving in the States, many people have recommended that we visit the Smoky Mountains. When I first met Gabrielle and Ethan for their wedding photoshoot last summer, I realized that their wedding would also be a chance for me to take my […]

Gateway Church in Asheville Wedding

Date | 09.02.2017 Ceremony + Reception | Chinese Christian Union Church North, Highland Park, IL

Chinese Christian Union Church North Wedding

4043 N Ravenswood ave. ste 115, chicago il 60613