Date | 04.14.2018 Ceremony | Jesurun Presbyterian Church Bridal Session | Northfield Presbyterian Church of Wheeling Decoration for Bridal Session | OhHappyDay Makeup + Hair | Cecilia Oh

Chicago Korean Wedding Photography

Jeongwon & Jiwoong’s engagement photo session was one of Studio Soo’s more memorable sessions. Their photoshoot would be one of the last at our current studio in Arlington Heigths, before we relocate this coming June. Though this studio holds many memories, we are so happy that we were able to end our time here with […]

Chicago Korean Engagement Photography

The day after their amazing traditional Nigerian engagement ceremony, Jordan and Happy Campo had another beautiful wedding ceremony. Saehee and I prayed that God would give the young bride and groom strength get through the two days of long ceremonies. Until the very last moment of the wedding, the bride and groom were filled with […]

Deeper Life Bible Church in Chicago Wedding

Congratulations and blessings to Jordan and Happiness Campo! This was my very first time photographing a traditional Nigerian engagement ceremony. There were many new, interesting, and meaningful moments throughout the ceremony. Jordan and Happy’s engagement reminded me of my wife Saehee and I, and the time when we made our own promises of devotion to […]

Chicago Nigerian Traditional Engagement Photography

My wife Saehee and I moved to Chicago from Seoul in 2012. Since arriving in the States, many people have recommended that we visit the Smoky Mountains. When I first met Gabrielle and Ethan for their wedding photoshoot last summer, I realized that their wedding would also be a chance for me to take my […]

Gateway Church in Asheville Wedding

Date | 09.02.2017 Ceremony + Reception | Chinese Christian Union Church North, Highland Park, IL

Chinese Christian Union Church North Wedding

Miae met Kevin just three months before they said their vows on June 3, 2017, and they fell in love almost instantly. They got married on a sunny Chicago summer day surrounded by their church friends and family, and we loved getting to capture all of the beautiful moments throughout their wedding. While there are […]

Schram Memorial Chapel Wedding

Date | 01.28.2017 Ceremony + Reception | Jesus-Love Korean Church, Skokie, IL Hair | La Claire beauty

Jesus-Love Korean Church Wedding

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